What is Our Joy Designs all about anyway? Come find out on this page!

Hi there, I'm Denise! Our Joy Designs is a shop highlighting encouragement and joy during our spiritual occasions (such as the global ministry)! You will find spiritual themed items for the ministry, for the home, and for special events to encourage one another during these difficult times.

Need to write a letter to someone for the ministry? How about hanging an inspiring quote on the wall? Our Joy Designs got you covered! Now you can buy digital printable letter writing paper and printable wall decor to print at home. No worries about waiting for the mail or dealing with customs!


More FAQs

Which languages do you have on the site?
English, French and limited Spanish.

Do you sell printed items?
Yup! Check out the JW Gifts section for all printed and mailed items!

I'm looking for something specific. How do I find it?
On the top left of each page is a little magnifying glass where you can type in a keyword and search for related items! Alternatively, you can check out the menu above.

I'm having trouble with my printable download. Where can I get help?
Check out this page which has specific download directions for your printable. Additionally, you can contact me for any help. 

Where else can I find Our Joy Designs?
Feel free to follow on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as @ourjoydesigns. You can also find Our Joy Designs on I Shop JW.

By the way, are you one of Jehovah's Witnesses?
Yes I am - as of January 2022, I've been baptized for 15 years and an active regular pioneer for 12 years (wooo!)!



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